Erlebniswelt Rothaus

The Rothaus World of Experience in the heart of the Black Forest is a must-see for beer lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. The facility is owned by the Rothaus brewery, which has been brewing beer since the 18th century. The Erlebniswelt consists of a brewery museum, beer garden, souvenir store and restaurant, showcasing the brewery's rich history and quality products. Visitors can also explore the interactive exhibits that showcase the history and culture of beer-making in the Black Forest region. The beer garden is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a cold, refreshing beer while taking in the picturesque surroundings of the Black Forest. The gift shop is stocked with a wide variety of Rothaus beers and souvenirs, including glassware, clothing, and accessories. The restaurant serves traditional German cuisine, and visitors can enjoy a meal paired with the brewery's own beers. Overall, the Rothaus World of Experience is a unique and cozy experience that combines history, culture and good beer in a beautiful natural setting.

Rothaus 2, 79865 Grafenhausen, Deutschland
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