Lake Mondsee is located in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut on the border with the province of Salzburg. It is part of the well-known lake district, which is a popular destination for visitors at any time of the year. Mondsee is fed by the tributaries Fuschler Ache, Zeller Ache and Wangauer Ache. Its outflow flows into the lower-lying Attersee. The lake has excellent water quality and is very popular with water sports enthusiasts. In addition, the lake warms up to pleasant bathing temperatures in summer. On the southwest shore, the Drachenwand (1,176 m) rises out of the lake. This natural sight can be viewed particularly well on a boat trip. In this way, the so-called Dragon's Hole, a rocky breakthrough just below the ridge, can also be seen at its best. At the Mondsee, a pile-dwelling field was discovered in the 19th century. This archaeological find is one of the most important in Europe. A museum is dedicated to the so-called "Mondsee culture" with over 6,500 exhibits. The Mondsee area is easily accessible by public transportation.

Mondsee, Österreich
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