Mostviertel Donau-Radweg

The Mostviertel Danube Cycle Path is a very well-developed bike route. It leads through the Mostviertel region from St. Pantaleon-Erla to Ybbs on the Danube and is a section of the Danube Cycle Path in Lower Austria. It runs largely along the Danube and includes three circular routes as well as numerous sights along the way. It stretches from the vastness of the Machland to the wild ends of the Strudengau along the southern bank of the Danube.

The special cycling experience comes from the winding river valleys, rolling hills and side roads with hardly any traffic. This also ensures that cyclists of different levels have a great experience. Along the route, you will find numerous cultural monuments, get to know picturesque villages and cycle past meadow orchards and square farms.

There are many cycling routes for different groups of visitors, for example, 80 mountain bike routes. From spring to autumn, racing cyclists can experience the most beautiful cycling tours in Lower Austria. Because of the four bridges that connect the southern and northern parts of the Danube in the Mostviertel, the Danube Cycle Path can be easily continued on both sides.

Grein, Austria
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