Naturpark Karwendel

The Karwendel Nature Park, with its unique flora and fauna, covers almost the entire Karwendel massif. The nature park is one of the largest in the province of Tyrol. Since this area has a variety of natural habitats, such as primary forests and wild rivers, it is a safe and suitable place for a significant number of unique animal and plant species. The Karwendel Nature Park received the prestigious "Nature Park 2020" award given by the Austrian Natural Parks Association as a result of activities in various fields such as "nature conservation", "knowledge and research", and even " "Recreation and tourism." The Karwendel Nature Park is a popular hiking destination which offers tours of varying difficulty. Particularly in autumn, the ancient maple standing with their golden-yellow foliage form an impressive natural backdrop.

Unterer Stadtpl. 19, 6060 Hall in Tirol, Austria
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