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More than just a gift : Our special offers for your unforgettable Green Habitat moments
Dive into the Green Habitat benefits world - your gate to unforgettable moments and sustainable adventures.
Whether you are looking for peace in nature, seeking exciting activities, or wish to enjoy an environmentally conscious and regional time-out - with us, you will find an offer that exactly suits you! Discover all the special offers and experience your very personal Green Habitat moments.
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These highlights await you in the Green Habitat Benefits World:
Savings of up to 60%
Tourism and guest cards with numerous benefits
Special activities & culinary included
Additional discounts
Attractive destinations & hotels
The highlights listed represent a selection of possibilities and can vary depending on accommodation and offer. Experience and explore the great selection of exclusive and unique benefits in our special offers.
Natural, regional, sustainable:
At Green Habitat, it's all about sustainability, and we want to make it easy for everyone to travel sustainably. For this reason, we work with environmentally friendly and green hotels. Our Green Badges are a simple and transparent way to be more sustainable when traveling with our partner hotels. We have developed these sustainability criteria in alignment with the national sustainability initiative. The more criteria a hotel fulfills, the more Green Badges it receives.

Green Beginner

At least 1 point

Green Advanced

2-6 points

Green Expert

7-11 points

Green Leader

12-16 points

Our Green Badges are good for everyone:
for the environment, the travelers, and the hotels.
Sustainable treasures in your federal state : Experience unique Green Habitat moments in your immediate vicinity
From picturesque recreational areas to exciting adventures - each federal state is unique and attracts visitors with individual attractions.
Immerse yourself and experience unforgettable moments that are just a stone's throw away. Find all Green Habitat Special Offers with attractive destinations and hotels from your federal state here
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The Green Habitat Story:

Our concern is to enable people to have unforgettable holiday, wellness, and adventure experiences where relaxation, recharging with new energy, and creating special moments are the focus. Sustainability is at the core of our mission, and we want to make sustainable travel accessible to everyone. By collaborating with environmentally friendly and green hotels, we live out our commitment to a sustainable future. There are many ways we can work together to improve our environment, starting with the conscious choice of the right travel destination.

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Sustainability and unforgettable experiences go hand in hand at Green Habitat - here we give people the opportunity to recharge their batteries and create their own very special moments through vacation, wellness and adventure.“

Lived Sustainability at Green Habitat
The team at Green Habitat stands behind the principle of sustainability. Together we are committed to promoting sustainable hotels and the planting of trees.
Changing Lives with TwoWings
Together with our partner TwoWings, we support inspiring educational initiatives that promote sustainability. For more information and details, visit
Planting HopePlanting Hope
Planting Hope
Sowing Hope Together
Trees play an important role in the health of our planet. We support the initiative Planting Hope and the planting of trees. For more information, visit
CO2 NeutralityCO2 Neutrality
CO2 Neutrality
Commitment to CO2 Neutrality
The emissions caused by our website and the energy used by our users are neutralized through the use of renewable energy sources, CO2-reducing projects, and certified compensation measures.
Travel adventures without limits : Discover the most popular travel destinations for Austrians
Experience Austria's most popular travel destinations and explore the beauty of European capitals
Discover the most beautiful destinations in Europe with us. From the picturesque Alps to the charming streets of Paris. We offer top destinations for all tastes. Let us inspire you and plan your next vacation abroad with us
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