Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey is a Benedictine abbey located in the town of Melk, Austria. The abbey is situated on a rocky outcropping above the town and is a popular tourist destination. The current baroque building was constructed in the 18th century and is known for its ornate architecture and frescoes. The Abbey Church is a Baroque architecture masterpiece and is adorned with frescoes and sculptures. The abbey is also home to a library containing over 80,000 books, many of which are valuable manuscripts. The abbey's logo is the image of the abbey itself. The logo usually consists of an image of the abbey's façade, with the name of the abbey written in a specific font. The logo is used on the abbey's official website, brochures, and other promotional materials. Visitors can explore the abbey on their own or take a guided tour to learn more about the history and art of the abbey.

Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Strasse 1, 3390 Melk, Österreich
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