Stift Zwettl

Zwettl (lat. Abbatia BMV de Valle Clara in Austria ) is a Cistercian - Abbey and is located in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria. It has existed without interruption since its foundation in 1138, making it the third-oldest Cistercian monastery in the world after Rein Abbey and Heiligenkreuz Abbey. The monastery with the collegiate church is not far from the city of the same name Zwettl. 

The monastery, founded in 1138 by Hadmar I from Kuenring as the first subsidiary of Heiligenkreuz Abbey, belonged to the filiation of the primary abbey of Morimond Monastery. King Conrad III. confirmed in a document dated October 1139 the manor estate founded by Hadmar and granted the monastery protection and freedom from any bailiwick. In 1159 the collegiate church was consecrated.

Zwettl Stift 1, 3910 Zwettl, Austria
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