Wolfsschlucht Bad Kreuzen

As one of the most historical yet well-developed hiking trails in the city, Bad Kreuzen welcomes visitors in all seasons and climates. An almost 5-kilometer-long hiking trail covered by unique vegetation gives an all-time coolness and relaxation to the area. There had been many wooden buildings in the past, of which only the foundations and post holes have remained. Because of humidity and soil-moist conditions, sycamore and mountain elms have been protected and remained well, and the undergrowth has formed a thick green layer. This wild countryside along with wild waters is an ideal spot for a getaway for two. The trail also leads to Kreuzen Castle, known as the cultural center of the village. There are also plenty of sports facilities such as archery clubs, tennis courts, Fit & Fun route, adventure pools, etc.

4362 Bad Kreuzen, Österreich
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