The Giglach Lakes is located in the municipality of Schladming, embedded in the valley of the same name between the Schiedeckkamm in the north and the Tauernhauptkamm in the south. Adjacent peaks are Steirische ( 2459 m ) and Lungauer Kalkspitze ( 2471 m ) in the west, Kampspitze ( 2390 m ) in the north, and Znachspitze ( 2225 m ), Hading ( 2332 m ), and Frying ( 2131 m ) in the south. The lower Giglachsee lies at 1921 m above sea level. A. and extends in an area of about 16.5 ha is equal to afford over 1 km in a southwest-northeast direction. The Obere Giglachsee is much smaller with an area of ​​about 3.5 ha and is located at 1930 m above sea level. A. not far from the Preuneggsattels.

Schladming,Styria , Austria
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