Sustainability in action at Green Habitat

The Green Habitat team stands behind the principle of sustainability. Together we are committed to promoting sustainable hotels and planting trees.

Sustainable Travel Made Accessible

Each year, the travel and hospitality industry generate a significant amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, posing a threat to the survival of our planet. This is precisely why Green Habitat has been dedicated to promoting sustainability in these industries. Our primary focus is to collaborate with green hotels that offer sustainable accommodations. We recognize and award Green Commitment Badges to our partner hotels based on the number of sustainability criteria they fulfil, making them easily identifiable to eco-conscious tourists and guests.

Transforming Lives through TwoWings

Green Habitat supports TwoWings, a non-profit foundation in Austria that has been promoting sustainable projects in the southern hemisphere for 25 years. Find more at
Planting hope

Planting Hope 

Green Habitat supports the Planting Hope initiative, which promotes projects around educating people to plant and care for trees. Find more at

Our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

At Green Habitat, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We are proud to share that the carbon emissions generated by our website and its users have been effectively neutralized through a comprehensive approach. This includes the establishment of new renewable energy sources, active involvement in CO2-reducing projects, and the purchase of certified CO2 offsets approved by government institutions. By taking these measures, we ensure that our platform operates in an environmentally responsible manner, mitigating the impact of our activities on the planet. When you book with Green Habitat, you can rest assured that your travel choices are contributing to a greener future, where carbon emissions are offset, and sustainability is at the forefront. Join us in making a positive difference for our planet through conscious travel choices.