Kärntner Volksliedhaus

The Carinthian folk song house was an old elementary school located in St. Oswald ob Eberstein. This school was converted to a folk song house to be used as a culture and education centre. The most significant reason for this conversion is to preserve the tradition. The Carinthian folk song house tries to encourage cultural associations, music and song interested citizens, and dialect and written language lovers, to participate in the activities of preserving the tradition and keeping the Carinthian songs alive.

Three seminar rooms named Glawischnig, Mulle and Mittergradnegger Stuben which are the names of three famous Carinthian song creators are available to host enthusiasts, societal groups and the village community of St. Oswald and the St. Oswalder Viergesangs.

For hiking trails enthusiasts, there are magnificent hiking trails and tours to the beautiful Kärntner Volksliedhaus hiking destination.

St. Oswald 9372, 9372 Eberstein, Austria
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